Mardi 28 Mai 2024 à 11h00.

Transferts d énergie et effets collectifs au sein d assemblées de nanoplaquettes de CdSe fluorescentes     Energy transfers and collective effects within assemblies of fluorescent CdSe nanoplatelets

Laurent Coolen
( Institut des NanoSciences de Paris)

Salle de séminaires Lippmann

Invité(e) par
Benjamin Besga

présentera en 1 heure :

The luminescence behavior of semiconductor nanoparticles has been widely studied, particularly at the single-emitter level, and different applications have been developed. However, for many opto-electronic applications such as quantum-dot-LEDs or quantum-dot-sensitized solar cells, densely-packed stackings of emitters are used. Interactions between them are then expected and remain much less understood than the properties of isolated emitters. Colloidal CdSe nanoplatelets (NPL) can be self-assembled into chains of hundreds of NPLs (up to 4 µm length), with constant platelet center-to-center distance of 6 nm and excellent linear order, therefore constituting a perfect platform for exploring these coupling mechanisms. I will present the properties of such NPL chains, synthesized by B. Abécassis at the ENS de Lyon and analyzed on our fluorescence microscopy setup at INSP : highly efficient Förster-type (FRET) energy transfer between platelets (thesis Jiawen Liu at INSP, Nano Lett. 20, 3465 (2020)), FRET-mediated collective fluorescence intermittency (thesis Zakarya Ouzit, ACS Phot. 10, 421 (2023)) and our recent results on FRET-mediated collective antibunching (thesis Guillaume Baillard).


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