Start-ups issued from the FENNEC team

Fibercryst has been created in 2003 and is implicated in the development of laser based on single crystal fiber. Sold in 2019 for 6.3 M€. 


Nanoc-H has been created in 2004 and is specialized in the development of nanohybrid nanoparticles for applications in medicine, bio-sensing or medical devices development. 


AXINT has been created in 2007 and is focused in the development of home-made radiation detectors mainly based on scintillator crystals.


NH TherAguix has been created in 2015 and specialized in nanomedicine and more precisely on ultrasmall theranostic nanoparticles to enhance efficacy of radiotherapy. Patented AGuIX technology is actually in phase 2 clinical trial. 


GLINCS has been created in 2016 and is mainly implicated in the production of home-made tracers for anti-counterfeiting, additives detection… and of detectors. 


MexBrain has been created in 2017 and has developed patented technology for extraction of metallic cations from the body based on combination of dialysis and chelating compounds.


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