Luminescence group, Head : Dr. D.Amans and Dr. G.Ledoux

The investigation of the photonic processes that are responsible for the luminescence of a wide range of materials (crystals, ceramics, amorphous and crystalline fibers, nanostructures) is the core of our research, both from a fundamental scientific point of view as well as with respect to technological and industrial applications. Our research activities thus focus on the mechanisms of light-matter interaction for these materials, whose dimensions span the range from a few nanometers to macroscopic sizes. The control of optical properties and their correlation with physico-chemical attributes involves various activities in optical spectroscopy, the development of optical instrumentation, as well as for the elaboration of materials. The team is organizing events in the fields connected with Luminescence. The team is deeply involved in the OPTOLYSE and ILMTECH platforms.

Our work is developed through 8 topics as follows:

Head : Prof F. Kulzer & Dr.J.Houel

Permanent members : Dr. J. Margueritat, Prof. C.Dujardin

Image : confocal microscope with AFM capabilities

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Head : Dr. G. Ledoux

Permanent members: Dr. E.Homeyer

Image: 3D confocal thermal image of a cavitating microflow deduced from the luminescence of nanoprobes

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Scintillators & phosphors
Head : Pr. C. Dujardin

Permanent members: Dr.Y.Guyot; Dr. K. Lebbou; Dr. B. Mahler

Image: Scintillating inorganic fibers and modeling scheme of the scintillating mechanism

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Crystal growth
Head : Dr. K.Lebbou

Permanent members: Pr. G.Cagnoli, Dr. A.Nehari

PhD: Téo Aventin

very large Sapphir Crystals

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Colloidal synthesis
Head : Dr. B.Mahler

Luminescence of Quantum dots

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Pulsed Laser Ablation in Liquid
Head : Dr.D. Amans

Permanent members : Dr. G.Ledoux, Prof. C.Dujardin

A cell for particle production

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Head : Dr. Y.Guyot

Permanent members: Prof. G. Boulon

Image: Generation of multi wavelength lasers

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Head : Dr. G.Ledoux & Dr. B.Mahler

Permanent members: Dr. D.Amans, Pr. C.Dujardin

Image: Artistic view of water splitting

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Head : Dr.B.Besga & Dr. J.Margueritat

Permanent members: Dr. B.Mahler, Dr. J.Houel

Image: Artistic view of a virus

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Running funded projects

The group is involved in many national and international projects

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many possibilities to come to work with us exist

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