Effective adhesion between active particles


Félix Ginot  Isaac Theurkauff, Christophe Ybert, Lydéric Bocquet and  Cécile  Cottin-Bizonne ("Liquides et Interfaces" team) have published, with colleagues from Laboratoire Charles Coulomb in Montpellier, an article entitled "Nonequilibrium equation of state in suspensions of active colloids" in the journal Physical Review X.

When many individuals are put together some spectacular collective effects can emerge such as flock of birds, swarms of bacteria, human crowds. In recent years many efforts have attempted to create artificial active matter mimicking their living counterpart. It has been shown that those systems can self-assemble and form clusters. How to quantify such behavior in thermodynamic terms?


The authors have measured the equation of state of an assembly of active colloidal swimmers and have shown an adhesive character of the swimmers. Surprisingly, the stickiness of the swimmers increases with their activity. This work paves the way for quantifying non-equilibrium interactions between active particles.




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