Tunable mid IR plasmon in GZO nanocrystals

Patrice Mélinon (team (nano)matériaux pour l’énergie) and Olivier Boisron (PLYRA platform), together with colleagues from the Nanotechnology Institute of Lyon and the MATEIS lab at INSA, have published an article entitled "Tunable mid IR plasmon in GZO nanocrystals" in the journal Nanoscale.

Degenerate metal oxide nanoparticles are promising systems to expand the significant achievements of plasmonics into the infrared (IR) range. Among the possible candidates, Ga-doped ZnO nanocrystals are particularly suited for mid IR, considering their wide range of possible doping levels and thus of plasmon tuning. In the present work, we report on the tunable mid IR plasmon induced in degenerate Ga-doped ZnO nanocrystals.


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