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Glory interference spectroscopy in Sr atom
K Ferentinou, S Danakas, C. Bordas, S Cohen
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, vol. 57, p115002 (2024)
Application of Carbon Dots as Antibacterial Agents: A Mini Review
Vladimir Lysenko, Halyna Kuznietsova, Nataliia Dziubenko, Iryna Byelinska, Alexander Zaderko, Tetiana Lysenko, Valeriy Skryshevsky
BioNanoScience (2024)
Flexible fluorinated graphite foils with high content of (C2F)n phase for slow neutron reflector
Killian Henry, Marie Colin, Gabin Chambery, Brigitte Vigolo, Sébastien Cahen, Claire Hérold, Valery Nesvizhevsky, Sylvie Le Floch, Vittoria Pischedda, Sam Chen, Marc Dubois
Dalton Transactions (2024)
Controlled Second Harmonic Generation with Optically Trapped Lithium Niobate Nanoparticles
Zacharie Behel, Yannick Mugnier, Ronan Le Dantec, Yann Chevolot, Virginie Monnier, P.F. Brevet
Nano Letters, vol. 24, p5699-5704 (2024)
Poly(dicarbon monofluoride) (C2F)n bridges the neutron reflectivity gap
Valery Nesvizhevsky, Killian Henry, Louise Dauga, Batiste Clavier, Sylvie Le Floch, Egor Lychagin, Alexei Muzychka, Alexander Nezvanov, Vittoria Pischedda, Cole Teander, Kylyshbek Turlybekuly, Silvana Radescu, B. Vigolo, Sébastien Cahen, Claire Hérold, Jafaar Ghanbaja, Kirill Zhernenkov, Marc Dubois
Carbon, p119249 (2024)
Optogenetically controlled inflammasome activation demonstrates two phases of cell swelling during pyroptosis
Julien Nadjar, Sylvain Monnier, Estelle Bastien, Anne-Laure Huber, Christiane Oddou, Léa Bardoulet, Hubert Leloup, Gabriel Ichim, Christophe Vanbelle, Bénédicte Py, Olivier Destaing, Virginie Petrilli
Science Signaling, vol. 17 (2024)
Optimal run-and-tumble in slit-like confinement
Physical Review Research, vol. 6, p023028 (2024)
Enhancing Diagnostic Capabilities for Occupational Lung Diseases Using LIBS Imaging on Biopsy Tissue
Victor H.C. Ferreira, Vincent Gardette, Benoît Busser, Lucie Sancey, Steven Ronsmans, Vincent Bonneterre, V. Motto-Ros, Ludovic Duponchel
Analytical Chemistry (2024)
Enhancing radioprotection: A chitosan-based chelating polymer is a versatile radioprotective agent for prophylactic and therapeutic interventions against radionuclide contamination
Arthur Durand, Tatiana Borisova, François Lux, Jordyn Howard, Augustin Tillement, Halyna Kuznietsova, Natalia Dziubenko, Vladimir Lysenko, L. David, Daphné Morel, Ross Berbeco, Serhiy Komisarenko, Olivier Tillement, Eric Deutsch
PLoS ONE, vol. 19, pe0292414 (2024)
Yb:CALYO shaped crystal fibers: Growth and spectroscopic characterization
Zebin Wang, Jian Liu, Peng Chen, Jie Xu, Jun Guo, Qingsong Song, Yong Wei, Peng Liu, Xiaodan Wang, Xiaodong Xu, Jun Xu, K Lebbou
Optical Materials, vol. 150, p115206 (2024)
Plastic deformation and trace element mobility in sphalerite
Alexandre Cugerone, Emilien Oliot, Manuel Munoz, Fabrice Barou, V. Motto-Ros, Bénédicte Cenki
The American Mineralogist (2024)
A highly sensitive and selective impedimetric sensor for the determination of oxytetracycline based on a new polyamine functionalized calix [4] arene
Haifa Mliki, Ahlem Rouis, Mosaab Echabaane, Laura Ceron, Nathalie Perol, Ulrich Darbost, Isabelle Bonnamour, François Bessueille, Dhekra Ayed, Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault
Microchemical Journal, vol. 199, p109957 (2024)
A compact detector system for simultaneous measurements of the light yield non-linearity and timing properties of scintillators
Benoit Sabot, Chavdar Dutsov, Philippe Cassette, Krasimir Mitev, Matthieu Hamel, Guillaume H.V. Bertrand, K Lebbou, Christophe Dujardin
Scientific Reports, p6960 (2024)
Dimensionless Numbers Reveal Distinct Regimes in the Structure and Dynamics of Pedestrian Crowds
Jakob Cordes, Andreas Schadschneider, Alexandre Nicolas
PNAS Nexus, vol. 3, ppgae120 (2024)
Sampling vacancy configurations with large relaxations using Smart Darting
Physical Review Materials, vol. 8, p033604 (2024)
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