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Nacre-like alumina composites reinforced by zirconia particles
Ronan Henry, Hassan Saad, Sandrine Cottrino, Sylvain Deville, Sylvain Meille
Journal of the European Ceramic Society, vol. 42, p2319-2330 (2022)
Toughening mechanisms in nacre-like alumina revealed by in-situ imaging of stress
Hassan Saad, Thierry Douillard, Annie Malchère, Philippe Steyer, Sylvain Meille, Sylvain Deville, Bruno Reynard
Journal of the European Ceramic Society, vol. 42, p6757-6761 (2022)
Complex Composites Built through Freezing
Sylvain Deville, Antoni Tomsia, Sylvain Meille
Accounts of Chemical Research (2022)
Solute effects on dynamics and deformation of emulsion droplets during freezing
Sidhanth Tyagi, C. Monteux, Sylvain Deville
Soft Matter, vol. 18, p4178-4188 (2022)
eCHORD orientation mapping of bio-inspired alumina down to 1 kV
Clément Lafond, Thierry Douillard, Hassan Saad, Sylvain Deville, Sylvain Meille, Ph Steyer, Sophie Cazottes, Cyril Langlois
Materialia, vol. 20, p101207 (2021)
Mechanical properties of unidirectional, porous polymer/ceramic composites for biomedical applications
Jordi Seuba, E Maire, Jérôme Adrien, Sylvain Meille, Sylvain Deville
Open Ceramics, vol. 8, p100195 (2021)
Effect of microstructure heterogeneity on the damage resistance of nacre-like alumina: insights from image-based discrete simulations
Kaoutar Radi, Hassan Saad, David Jauffrès, Sylvain Meille, Thierry Douillard, Sylvain Deville, Christophe L. Martin
Scripta Materialia, vol. 191, p210-214 (2021)
Multiple objects interacting with a solidification front
Sidhanth Tyagi, C. Monteux, Sylvain Deville
Scientific Reports, vol. 11 (2021)
Strength and toughness trade-off optimization of nacre-like ceramic composites
Kaoutar Radi, David Jauffrès, Sylvain Deville, Christophe L. Martin
Composites Part B: Engineering, vol. 183, p107699 (2020)
Unveiling Cells’ Local Environment during Cryopreservation by Correlative In Situ Spatial and Thermal Analyses
Kankan Qin, Corentin Eschenbrenner, Félix Ginot, Dmytro Dedovets, Thibaud Coradin, Sylvain Deville, Francisco M. Fernandes
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, vol. 11, p7730-7738 (2020)
Congélation d’émulsions: de la mayonnaise à la métallurgie
Sylvain Deville, C. Monteux
Reflets de la Physique, vol. 66, p22-27 (2020)
Objects Interacting with Solidification Fronts: Thermal and Solute Effects
Sidhanth Tyagi, Helene Huynh, C. Monteux, Sylvain Deville
Materialia, vol. 12, p100802 (2020)
Ice-templated porous tungsten and tungsten carbide inspired by natural wood
Kaili Zhang, Guoqi Tan, Da Jiao, Jian Zhang, Shaogang Wang, Feng Liu, Longchao Zhuo, Zhefeng Zhang, Sylvain Deville, Robert O Ritchie, Zengqian Liu
Determination of interface fracture properties by micro-and macro-scale experiments in nacre-like alumina
Aurélien Doitrand, Ronan Henry, Hassan Saad, Sylvain Deville, Sylvain Meille
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, vol. 145, p104143 (2020)
Enabling near-atomic-scale analysis of frozen water
Ayman A. El-Zoka, Se-Ho Kim, Sylvain Deville, Roger C. Newman, Leigh T. Stephenson, Benjamin Klaes
Science Advances, vol. 6, peabd6324 (2020)
Solute strongly impacts freezing under confinement
Félix Ginot, Théo Lenavetier, Dmytro Dedovets, Sylvain Deville
Applied Physics Letters, vol. 116, p253701 (2020)
Interface failure in nacre-like alumina
Ronan Henry, Hassan Saad, Aurélien Doitrand, Sylvain Deville, Sylvain Meille
Journal of the European Ceramic Society, vol. 40, p4694-4699 (2020)
Anisotropy effect of bioinspired ceramic/ceramic composites: Can the platelet orientation enhance the mechanical properties at micro- and submicrometric length scale?
N. Abando, H. Saad, M.A. Monclús, Sylvain Deville, J. Molina-Aldareguia, J.J. Roa
Journal of the European Ceramic Society (2020)
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