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Solvent-Induced Aggregation of Self-Assembled Copper–Cysteine Nanoparticles Reacted with Glutathione: Enhancing Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties
Dipankar Bain, Isabelle Russier-Antoine, Hao Yuan, Sarita Kolay, Sylvain Maclot, Christophe Moulin, Estelle Salmon, P.F. Brevet, Anna Pniakowska, Joanna Olesiak-Bańska, Rodolphe Antoine
Langmuir, vol. 39, p16554-16561 (2023)
Four orders-of-magnitude enhancement in the two-photon excited photoluminescence of homoleptic gold thiolate nanoclusters following zinc ion-induced aggregation
Srestha Basu, Hussein Fakhouri, Christophe Moulin, Santanu Dolai, I. Russier-Antoine, P.F. Brevet, Rodolphe Antoine, Anumita Paul
Nanoscale, vol. 13, p4439-4443 (2021)
Functionalized Au15 nanoclusters as luminescent probes for protein carbonylation detection
Guillaume F Combes, Hussein Fakhouri, Christophe Moulin, Marion Girod, Franck Bertorelle, Srestha Basu, Romain Ladouce, Martina Perić Bakulić, Željka Sanader Maršić, I. Russier-Antoine, P.F. Brevet, Philippe Dugourd, Anita Krisko, Katarina Trajković, Miroslav Radman, Vlasta Bonačić- Koutecký, Rodolphe Antoine
Communications Chemistry, vol. 4, p69 (2021)
Rationale Strategy to Tune the Optical Properties of Gold Catenane Nanoclusters by Doping with Silver Atoms
Srestha Basu, Martina Perić Bakulić, Hussein Fakhouri, I. Russier-Antoine, Christophe Moulin, P.F. Brevet, Vlasta Bonačić-Koutecký, Rodolphe Antoine
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 124, p19368-19374 (2020)
Quadratic Nonlinear Optics to Assess the Morphology of Riboflavin doped Chitosan for Eco-friendly Lithography
Cédric Ray, Mathieu Caillau, Christian Jonin, Emmanuel Benichou, Christophe Moulin, Estelle Salmon, Melissa E Maldonado, Anderson S L Gomes, Virginie Monnier, Emmanuelle Laurenceau, Jean -Louis Leclercq, Yann Chevolot, Thierry Delair, P.F. Brevet
Optical Materials, vol. 80, p30-36 (2018)
Sub-micron lines patterning into silica using water developable chitosan bioresist films for eco-friendly positive tone e-beam and UV lithography
Mathieu Caillau, Céline Chevalier, Pierre Cremillieu, Thierry Delair, Olivier Soppera, Benjamin Leuschel, Cédric Ray, Christophe Moulin, Christian Jonin, Emmanuel Benichou, P.F. Brevet, Christelle Yeromonahos, Emmanuelle Laurenceau, Yann Chevolot, Jean -Louis Leclercq
, vol. 10587, p105870S (2018)
Bulky Counterions: Enhancing the Two-Photon Excited Fluorescence of Gold Nanoclusters
ChemPhysChem, vol. 19, p165-168 (2018)
Entropy based feature selection for text categorization
Christine Largeron, Christophe Moulin, Mathias Géry
, p924-928 (2011)
Impact of Visual Information on Text and Content Based Image Retrieval
Christophe Moulin, Christine Largeron, Mathias Géry
, vol. 6218, p159-169 (2010)
UJM at INEX 2009 XML Mining Track
Christine Largeron, Christophe Moulin, Mathias Géry
, vol. 6203, p426-433 (2009)
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