• Liquides et interfaces
  • BRILLOUIN / 2ème / 12-011
  • 0472431025
Optimal run-and-tumble in slit-like confinement
Physical Review Research, vol. 6, p023028 (2024)
Microphase separation of living cells
A. Carrère, Joseph D’alessandro, Olivier Cochet-Escartin, J. Hesnard, N. Ghazi, Charlotte Rivière, C. Anjard, François Detcheverry, J.-P. Rieu
Nature Communications, vol. 14, p796 (2023)
Strong and fast rising pressure waves emitted by plasmonic vapor nanobubbles
Julien Lombard, Julien Lam, François Detcheverry, Thierry Biben, Samy Merabia
Physical Review Research, vol. 3, p023231 (2021)
Role of Marangoni forces in the velocity of symmetric interfacial swimmers
Physical Review Fluids, vol. 6, p104006 (2021)
Enhanced Heat Transfer with Metal-Dielectric Core-Shell Nanoparticles
Ali Alkurdi, Julien Lombard, François Detcheverry, Samy Merabia
Physical Review Applied, vol. 13, p034036 (2020)
Self-propulsion of symmetric chemically active particles: Point-source model and experiments on camphor disks
Dolachai Boniface, Cecile Cottin-Bizonne, Ronan Kervil, Christophe Ybert, François Detcheverry
Physical Review E, vol. 99, p062605 (2019)
Implicit Medium Model for Fractal Aggregate Polymer Nanocomposites: Linear Viscoelastic Properties
Yang Wang, Gaëtan Maurel, Marc Couty, François Detcheverry, Samy Merabia
Macromolecules, vol. 52, p2021-2032 (2019)
Aggregation-fragmentation and individual dynamics of active clusters
Nature Communications, vol. 9, p696 (2018)
Level-set simulations of a 2D topological rearrangement in a bubble assembly: effects of surfactant properties
Andrea Titta, Marie Le Merrer, François Detcheverry, Peter D M Spelt, Anne-Laure Biance
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol. 838, p222-247 (2018)
Generalized run-and-turn motions: From bacteria to Levy walks
Physical Review E, vol. 96, p012415 (2017)
Contact enhancement of locomotion in spreading cell colonies
Joseph Alessandro, Alexandre Solon, Yoshinori Hayakawa, Christophe Anjard, François Detcheverry, J.-P. Rieu, Charlotte Rivière
Nature Physics, vol. 13, p999-1005 (2017)
Optimal shape of entrances for a frictionless nanochannel
Christophe Belin, Laurent Joly, François Detcheverry
Physical Review Fluids, vol. 1, p054103 (2016)
Thermally activated creep and fluidization in flowing disordered materials
Samy Merabia, François Detcheverry
EPL - Europhysics Letters, vol. 116, p46003 (2016)
Non-Poissonian run-and-turn motions
EPL - Europhysics Letters, vol. 111, p60002 (2015)
Perméabilité optimale des aquaporines : Une histoire de forme ?
Médecine/Sciences, vol. 31, p174-179 (2015)
Influence of the electron-phonon interfacial conductance on the thermal transport at metal/dielectric interfaces
J. Lombard, François Detcheverry, Samy Merabia
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, vol. 27, p015007 (2015)
Unimodal and bimodal random motions of independent exponential steps
European Physical Journal E: Soft matter and biological physics, vol. 37, p114 (2014)
Anomalous zeta potential in foam films
Physical Review Letters, vol. 113, p088301 (2014)
Dynamical Simulations of Coarse Grain Polymeric Systems: Rouse and Entangled Dynamics
Abelardo Ramírez-Hernández, François Detcheverry, Brandon Peters, Verónica Chappa, Kenneth Schweizer, Marcus Müller, Juan de Pablo
Macromolecules, vol. 46, p6287-6299 (2013)
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