• Structure et dynamique multi-échelles des édifices moléculaires
  • KASTLER / 1er / 11-009
  • 0472448368
Synthesis of galactomannan fragments to help NMR assignment of polysaccharides extracted from lichens
Louis-Philippe David, Solenn Ferron, Bénédicte Favreau, Oznur Yeni, Simon Ollivier, David Ropartz, Isabelle Compagnon, Vincent Ferrières, Françoise Le Dévéhat, Laurent Legentil
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, vol. 22, p2395-2403 (2024)
CO2 laser enhanced rapid IRMPD spectroscopy for glycan analysis
Baptiste Moge, Oznur Yeni, Alicia Infantino, Isabelle Compagnon
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, vol. 490, p117071 (2023)
Conformational preferences of the flexible galactofuranose sugar in gas-phase
Oznur Yeni, Abdul-Rahman Allouche, Laurent Legentil, Vincent Ferrières, Isabelle Compagnon
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 25, p20373-20380 (2023)
Ring-Size Memory of Galactose-Containing MS/MS Fragments: Application to the Detection of Galactofuranose in Oligosaccharides and Their Sequencing
Oznur Yeni, Simon Ollivier, Baptiste Moge, David Ropartz, Hélène Rogniaux, Laurent Legentil, Vincent Ferrières, Isabelle Compagnon
Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 145, p15180–15187 (2023)
On-the-fly investigation of XUV excited large molecular ions using a high harmonic generation light source
Scientific Reports, vol. 12, p13191 (2022)
Ultrafast dynamics in molecular ions following UV and XUV excitation: a perspective
Marius Hervé, A. Boyer, Richard Brédy, Isabelle Compagnon, Franck Lépine
Advances in Physics: X, vol. 7, p2123283 (2022)
Distinguishing Galactoside Isomers with Mass Spectrometry and Gas-Phase Infrared Spectroscopy
Jordan S Ho, Amira Gharbi, Baptiste Schindler, Oznur Yeni, Richard Brédy, Laurent Legentil, Vincent Ferrières, Laura L Kiessling, Isabelle Compagnon
Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 143, p10509-10513 (2021)
Spectroscopic diagnostic for the ring-size of carbohydrates in the gas phase: furanose and pyranose forms of GalNAc
Baptiste Schindler, Laurent Legentil, Abdul-Rahman Allouche, Vincent Ferrières, Isabelle Compagnon
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 21, p12460-12467 (2019)
Online Separation and Identification of Isomers Using Infrared Multiple Photon Dissociation Ion Spectroscopy Coupled to Liquid Chromatography: Application to the Analysis of Disaccharides Regio-Isomers and Monosaccharide Anomers
Baptiste Schindler, Gabrielle Laloy-Borgna, Loic Barnes, Abdul-Rahman Allouche, Elodie Bouju, Vincent Dugas, Claire Demesmay, Isabelle Compagnon
Analytical Chemistry, vol. 90, p11741-11745 (2018)
Bottom-Up Elucidation of Glycosidic Bond Stereochemistry
Christopher Gray, Baptiste Schindler, Lukasz G. Migas, Martina Pičmanová, Abdul-Rahman Allouche, Anthony P. Green, Santanu Mandal, Mohammed S. Motawia, Raquel Sánchez-Pérez, Nanna Bjarnholt, Birger L. Møller, Anouk M. Rijs, Perdita E. Barran, Isabelle Compagnon, Claire E. Eyers, Sabine L. Flitsch
Analytical Chemistry, vol. 89, p4540 - 4549 (2017)
Anharmonic simulations of the vibrational spectrum of sulfated compounds : application to the glycosaminoglycan fragment glucosamine 6-sulfate.
Loïc Barnes, Baptiste Schindler, Abdul-Rahman Allouche, Daniel Simon, Stéphane Chambert, Jos Oomens, Isabelle Compagnon
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 17, p25705-25713 (2015)
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