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Stable Surface Plasmon Resonances in Small Alumina-Embedded Silver Clusters
Murilo Moreira, Emmanuel Cottancin, Michel Pellarin, Olivier Boisron, Varlei Rodrigues, Jean Lermé, Matthias Hillenkamp
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 127, p17828-17835 (2023)
Structural and Optical Characterization of Nanoalloys Mixing Gold or Silver With Aluminium or Indium: Evolution Under Various Reactive Environments
Élise Camus, Michel Pellarin, Nicholas Blanchard, Olivier Boisron, Matthias Hillenkamp, Lucian Roiban, Pascal Andreazza, Emmanuel Cottancin
Faraday Discussions (2022)
Forward and Backward Extinction Measurements on a Single Supported Nanoparticle: Implications of the Generalized Optical Theorem
Michel Pellarin, Christophe Bonnet, Jean Lermé, Floriane Perrier, Julien Laverdant, Marie-Ange Lebeault, Sylvain Hermelin, Matthias Hillenkamp, Michel Broyer, Emmanuel Cottancin
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 123, p15217-15229 (2019)
Inelastic Light Scattering by Multiple Vibrational Modes in Individual Gold Nanodimers
Adrien Girard, Jean Lermé, Hélène Gehan, Alain Mermet, Christophe Bonnet, Emmanuel Cottancin, Aurélien Crut, Jérémie Margueritat
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 123, p14834-14841 (2019)
Plasmonic quantum size effects in silver nanoparticles are dominated by interfaces and local environments
Alfredo Campos, Nicolas Troc, Emmanuel Cottancin, Michel Pellarin, H.C. Weissker, Jean Lermé, Mathieu Kociak, Matthias Hillenkamp
Nature Physics, vol. 15, p275-280 (2019)
Ultrafast electron-lattice thermalization in copper and other noble metal nanoparticles
Denis Mongin, Paolo Maioli, Julien Burgin, Pierre Langot, Emmanuel Cottancin, Sergio D’addato, Bruno Canut, Mona Tréguer-Delapierre, Aurélien Crut, Fabrice Vallée, Natalia del Fatti
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, vol. 31, p084001 (1-11) (2019)
Environmental Plasmonic Spectroscopy of Silver–Iron Nanoparticles: Chemical Ordering under Oxidizing and Reducing Conditions
Julien Ramade, Emmanuel Cottancin, Marie-Ange Lebeault, Cyril Langlois, L. Piccolo, Michel Broyer, Matthias Hillenkamp, Jean Lermé, Florent Calvo, Michel Pellarin
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 123, p15693-15706 (2019)
Acoustic Mode Hybridization in a Single Dimer of Gold Nanoparticles
Adrien Girard, Hélène Gehan, Alain Mermet, Jean Lermé, Alice Berthelot, Emmanuel Cottancin, Aurélien Crut, Jérémie Margueritat, Christophe Bonnet
Nano Letters, vol. 18, p3800-3806 (2018)
Single gold bipyramids on a silanized substrate as robust plasmonic sensors for liquid environments
Jan-Michael Rye, Christophe Bonnet, Frédéric Lerouge, Michel Pellarin, Jean Lermé, Parola Stephane, Emmanuel Cottancin
Nanoscale, vol. 10, p16094 - 16101 (2018)
Nano-fried-eggs: Structural, optical, and magnetic characterization of physically prepared iron-silver nanoparticles
Julien Ramade, Nicolas Troc, Olivier Boisron, Michel Pellarin, Marie-Ange Lebeault, Emmanuel Cottancin, Vitor Oiko, Rafael Cabreira Gomes, Varlei Rodrigues, Matthias Hillenkamp
Nano Research, vol. 11, p6074-6085 (2018)
Tracking the restructuring of oxidized silver–indium nanoparticles under a reducing atmosphere by environmental HRTEM
Julien Ramade, Cyril Langlois, Michel Pellarin, L. Piccolo, Marie-Ange Lebeault, Thierry Epicier, Mimoun Aouine, Emmanuel Cottancin
Nanoscale, vol. 9, p13563 - 13574 (2017)
Surface Plasmon Resonance Damping in Spheroidal Metal Particles: Quantum Confinement, Shape, and Polarization Dependences
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 121, p5693-5708 (2017)
Plasmon resonances tailored by Fano profiles in silver-based core-shell nanoparticles.
Michel Pellarin, Michel Broyer, Jean Lermé, Marie-Ange Lebeault, Julien Ramade, Emmanuel Cottancin
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 18, p4121-33 (2016)
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