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Impact of the experimental bandwidth on circularly polarized luminescence measurements of lanthanide complexes: the case of erbium(III)
Annika Sickinger, Bruno Baguenard, Amina Bensalah, Yannick Guyot, Laure Guy, Fabrice Pointillart, Olivier Cador, Maxime Grasser, Boris Le Guennic, François Riobé, Olivier Maury, Stéphan Guy
Journal of Materials Chemistry C, vol. 12, p4253-4260 (2024)
Circularly polarized luminescence activity in the near infrared spectral region of a water-soluble ytterbium( iii ) complex containing a conjugated chromophoric ligand
Silvia Mizzoni, Annika Sickinger, Silvia Ruggieri, François Riobé, Laure Guy, Olivier Maury, Bruno Baguenard, Amina Bensalah, Yannick Guyot, Stéphan Guy, Martina Sanadar, Andrea Melchior, Fabio Piccinelli
New Journal of Chemistry (2024)
Acid/Base-Triggered Photophysical and Chiroptical Switching in a Series of Helicenoid Compounds
Laure Guy, Maëlle Mosser, Delphine Pitrat, Jean-Christophe Mulatier, Mercedes Kukułka, Monika Srebro‐hooper, Erwann Jeanneau, Amina Bensalah, Bruno Baguenard, Stéphan Guy
Molecules, vol. 28, p7322 (2023)
Chiral and conductive viologen-based supramolecular gels exhibiting tunable charge-transfer properties
Vivien Andrieux, Thomas Gibaud, Julien Bauland, Thibaut Divoux, Sébastien Manneville, Stéphan Guy, Amina Bensalah, Laure Guy, Floris Chevallier, Denis Frath, Christophe Bucher
Journal of Materials Chemistry C, vol. 11, p12764-12775 (2023)
High-Responsivity Planar Photodetector Based on Methylammonium Lead Bromide Perovskite Thin Film
Pavlo Mai, Julien Houel, Nathan Dreveton, Benoit Mahler, Alban Gassenq
Photonics, vol. 10, p1043 (2023)
Cr-doped Al 2 O 3 –YAG binary and Al 2 O 3 –YAG–ZrO 2 ternary eutectic materials crystallized by the micro pulling down technique and their characterization
J. Xu, Yannick Guyot, A. Nehari, Anne Pillonnet, Gilles Ledoux, H. Takeda, X. Xiaodong, K Lebbou
CrystEngComm, vol. 25, p4834-4847 (2023)
Confined Tamm plasmon light-emitting diodes
Clémentine Symonds, V. Toanen, Alban Gassenq, Jean-Michel Benoit, Antonio A. Pereira, Etienne Cleyet-Merle, Rémy Fulcrand, François Bessueille, S. Minot, Martina Morassi, Aristide Lemaître, Joel Bellessa
Applied Physics Letters, vol. 122 (2023)
Plasmon-Mediated Energy Transfer between Two Systems out of Equilibrium
Camilo R Pérez de la Vega, Elise Bailly, Kévin Chevrier, B. Vest, Jean-Paul Hugonin, Antoine Bard, Alban Gassenq, Clémentine Symonds, Jean-Michel Benoit, Joel Bellessa, Jean-Jacques Greffet, Yannick De Wilde, Valentina Krachmalnicoff
ACS photonics, vol. 10, p1169-1176 (2023)
Circularly polarized luminescence in the one-dimensional assembly of binaphtyl-based Yb( iii ) single-molecule magnets
Carlo Andrea Mattei, Vincent Montigaud, Bertrand Lefeuvre, Vincent Dorcet, Gilles Argouarch, Olivier Cador, Boris Le Guennic, Olivier Maury, Claudia Lalli, Yannick Guyot, Stéphan Guy, Cyprien Gindre, Amina Bensalah, François Riobé, Bruno Baguenard, Fabrice Pointillart
Journal of Materials Chemistry C, vol. 11, p7299-7310 (2023)
Diffraction grating enhanced photoluminescence from etching-free erbium thin films
Alban Gassenq, H-S Nguyen, E. Cleyet-Merle, Sébastien Cueff, A. Pereira
Optics Letters, vol. 48, p2893 (2023)
Efficient Optimization of High‐Quality Epitaxial Lithium Niobate Thin Films by Chemical Beam Vapor Deposition: Impact of Cationic Stoichiometry
Anna L Pellegrino, Estelle Wagner, Francesca Lo Presti, William Maudez, Simon Kolb, Rashmi Rani, Antoine Bernard, Stephan Guy, Alban Gassenq, Marina Raevskaia, Christian Grillet, Rahma Moalla, Claude Botella, Romain Bachelet, Bruno Masenelli, Jean-Marie Bluet, Sébastien Cueff, Patrick Chapon, Giacomo Benvenuti, Graziella Malandrino
Advanced Materials Interfaces (2023)
Exploring the benefits of surface analysis techniques to develop double multilayer transfer printing of J-Aggregates cyanine dyes by integrating L-b-L and μCp processes
Sylvain Minot, Corinne Gablin, Alban Gassenq, Antoine Bard, Clémentine Symonds, Jean-Michel Benoit, Joël Bellessa, Didier Léonard, François Bessueille
Talanta, vol. 250, p123731 (2022)
Strong coupling for bifunctionality in organic systems
Applied Physics Letters, vol. 121, p181101 (2022)
Discrimination of different amorphous carbon by low fluence laser irradiation
Hatem Diaf, Antonio Pereira, Patrice Mélinon, Nicholas Blanchard, Florent Bourquard, Florence Garrelie, Christophe Donnet
Carbon Trends, vol. 9, p100195 (2022)
Raman investigation of local photo‐bleaching in TDBC dye layer for photonics applications
Alban Gassenq, Yves Pipon, Gilles Montagnac, Olivier Boisron, Valérie Martinez, Antoine Bard, Jean‐michel Benoit, Clémentine Symonds, Joel Bellessa
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, vol. 53, p755-761 (2022)
Chiral Perovskite Nanoplatelets Exhibiting Circularly Polarized Luminescence through Ligand Optimization
Austin Hubley, Amina Bensalah, Bruno Baguenard, Stéphan Guy, Benjamin Abécassis, Benoit Mahler
Advanced Optical Materials, p2200394 (2022)
SiN half-etch horizontal slot waveguides for integrated photonics: numerical modeling, fabrication, and characterization of passive components
Eva Kempf, Pedro Rojo Romeo, Alban Gassenq, Arnaud Taute, Paul Chantraine, Jimmy John, Ali Belarouci, Stephane Monfray, Frederic Boeuf, Paul G. Charette, Régis Orobtchouk
Optics Express, vol. 30, p4202-4214 (2022)
Archaeological Mortar Characterization Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Imaging Microscopy
Sarah Richiero, Claudio Sandoval, Christine Oberlin, Anne Schmitt, Jean-Claude Lefevre, Amina Bensalah, Daniel Prigent, Catherine Coquidé, Antoine Valois, Federico Giletti, Frédéric Pelascini, Ludovic Duponchel, Philippe Dugourd, C. Comby-Zerbino, V. Motto-Ros
Applied Spectroscopy, p000370282110711 (2022)
Extended Hybridization and Energy Transfer in Periodic Multi‐Material Organic Structures in Strong Coupling with Surface Plasmon
Antoine Bard, Sylvain Minot, Clémentine Symonds, Jean‐Michel Benoit, Alban Gassenq, François Bessueille, Bruno Andrioletti, Camilo Perez, Kévin Chevrier, Yannick de Wilde, Valentina Krachmalnicoff, Joel Bellessa
Advanced Optical Materials, p2200349 (2022)
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