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Forward and Backward Extinction Measurements on a Single Supported Nanoparticle: Implications of the Generalized Optical Theorem
Michel Pellarin, Christophe Bonnet, Jean Lermé, Floriane Perrier, Julien Laverdant, Marie-Ange Lebeault, Sylvain Hermelin, Matthias Hillenkamp, Michel Broyer, Emmanuel Cottancin
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 123, p15217-15229 (2019)
Inelastic Light Scattering by Multiple Vibrational Modes in Individual Gold Nanodimers
Adrien Girard, Jean Lermé, Hélène Gehan, Alain Mermet, Christophe Bonnet, Emmanuel Cottancin, Aurélien Crut, Jérémie Margueritat
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 123, p14834-14841 (2019)
Acoustic Mode Hybridization in a Single Dimer of Gold Nanoparticles
Adrien Girard, Hélène Gehan, Alain Mermet, Jean Lermé, Alice Berthelot, Emmanuel Cottancin, Aurélien Crut, Jérémie Margueritat, Christophe Bonnet
Nano Letters, vol. 18, p3800-3806 (2018)
Single gold bipyramids on a silanized substrate as robust plasmonic sensors for liquid environments
Jan-Michael Rye, Christophe Bonnet, Frédéric Lerouge, Michel Pellarin, Jean Lermé, Parola Stephane, Emmanuel Cottancin
Nanoscale, vol. 10, p16094 - 16101 (2018)
Surface Plasmon Resonance Damping in Spheroidal Metal Particles: Quantum Confinement, Shape, and Polarization Dependences
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 121, p5693-5708 (2017)
Fano Transparency in Rounded Nanocube Dimers Induced by Gap Plasmon Coupling
Michel Pellarin, Julien Ramade, Jan-Michael Rye, Christophe Bonnet, Michel Broyer, Marie-Ange Lebeault, Jean Lermé, Sylvie Marguet, Julien R G Navarro, Emmanuel Cottancin
ACS Nano, vol. 10, p11266 - 11279 (2016)
Plasmonic coupling with most of the transition metals: a new family of broad band and near infrared nanoantennas
Delphine Manchon, Jean Lermé, Taiping Zhang, Alexis Mosset, Cecile Jamois, Christophe Bonnet, Jan-Michael Rye, Ali Belarouci, Michel Broyer, Michel Pellarin, Emmanuel Cottancin
Nanoscale, vol. 7, p1181 (2015)
Photo-Oxidation of Individual Silver Nanoparticles: A Real-Time Tracking of Optical and Morphological Changes
Nadia Grillet, Delphine Manchon, Emmanuel Cottancin, Franck Bertorelle, Christophe Bonnet, Michel Broyer, Jean Lermé, Michel Pellarin
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 117, p2274-2282 (2013)
Optical Properties of a Particle above a Dielectric Interface: Cross Sections, Benchmark Calculations, and Analysis of the Intrinsic Substrate Effects
Jean Lermé, Christophe Bonnet, Michel Broyer, Emmanuel Cottancin, Delphine Manchon, Michel Pellarin
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 117, p6383-6398 (2013)
Synthesis, electron tomography and single-particle optical response of twisted gold nano-bipyramids
Julien R G Navarro, Delphine Manchon, Frédéric Lerouge, Emmanuel Cottancin, Jean Lermé, Christophe Bonnet, Fréderic Chaput, Alexis Mosset, Michel Pellarin, Parola Stephane
Nanotechnology, vol. 23, p145707 (2012)
Plasmon Coupling in Silver Nanocube Dimers : Resonance Splitting Induced by Edge Rounding
Nadia Grillet, Delphine Manchon, Franck Bertorelle, Christophe Bonnet, Michel Broyer, Emmanuel Cottancin, Jean Lermé, Matthias Hillenkamp, Michel Pellarin
ACS Nano, vol. 5, p9450-9462 (2011)
Identification of biological particles using ultrafast depletion spectroscopy
Francois Courvoisier, Luigi Bonacina, Véronique Boutou, Laurent Guyon, Christophe Bonnet, Benoit Thuillier, Jérôme Extermann, Matthias Roth, Herschel Rabitz, Jean-Pierre Wolf
Faraday Discussions, vol. 137, p37-49 (2007)
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