Publications ( 139 )

Extreme near-field heat transfer between silica surfaces
Ali Rajabpour, Julien El Hajj, Mauricio Gómez Viloria, R. Messina, Philippe Ben-Abdallah, Yangyu Guo, Samy Merabia
Applied Physics Letters, vol. 124 (2024)
Sampling vacancy configurations with large relaxations using Smart Darting
Physical Review Materials, vol. 8, p033604 (2024)
De l’impact du désordre sur l’apparence visuelle de surfaces nanostructurées
Kevin Vynck, Gary Fourneau, Romain Pacanowski, Pascal Barla, Philippe Lalanne
Photoniques, p34-38 (2024)
THz to far-infrared spectra of the known crystal polymorphs of Phenylalanine
Thomas Niehaus, Emilien Prost, V. Loriot, Franck Lépine, Luc Bergé, Stefan Skupin
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 26, p7329-7334 (2024)
A deep-neural network potential to study transformation-induced plasticity in zirconia
Jin-Yu Zhang, Gaël Huynh, Fu-Zhi Dai, Tristan Albaret, Shi-Hao Zhang, Shigenobu Ogata, David Rodney
Journal of the European Ceramic Society, vol. 44, p4243-4254 (2024)
Effective-medium description of dense clusters of plasmonic nanoparticles with spatial dispersion
Ranjeet Dwivedi, Ashod Aradian, Virginie Ponsinet, Kevin Vynck, Alexandre Baron
Physical Review A, vol. 109, p023507 (2024)
Lattice thermal conductivity and mechanical properties of the single-layer penta-NiN 2 explored by a deep-learning interatomic potential
Pedram Mirchi, Christophe Adessi, Samy Merabia, Ali Rajabpour
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2024)
David Rodney, Pierre-Antoine Geslin, Sylvain Patinet, Vincent Démery, Alberto Rosso
Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, vol. 32, p18 (2024)
Optical Probing of Ultrafast Laser-Induced Solid-to-Overdense-Plasma Transitions
Yasmina Azamoum, Georg Alexander Becker, Sebastian Keppler, Guillaume Duchateau, Stefan Skupin, Mickael Grech, Fabrice Catoire, Sebastian Hell, Issa Tamer, Marco Hornung, Marco Hellwing, Alexander Kessler, Franck Schorcht, Malte Christoph Kaluza
Light: Science and Applications, vol. 13, p109 (2024)
Nonlocal phonon thermal transport in graphene in hydrodynamic regime
Xiao-Ping Luo, Yangyu Guo, Hong-Liang Yi
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, vol. 36, p115705 (2023)
Body and mind: Decoding the dynamics of pedestrians and the effect of smartphone distraction by coupling mechanical and decisional processes
Iñaki Echeverría-Huarte, Alexandre Nicolas
Transportation research. Part C, Emerging technologies, vol. 157 (2023)
Full thermoelectric characterization of a single molecule
Andrea Gemma, Fatemeh Tabatabaei, Ute Drechsler, Anel Zulji, Hervé Dekkiche, Nico Mosso, Thomas Niehaus, Martin R Bryce, Samy Merabia, Bernd Gotsmann
Nature Communications, vol. 14, p3868 (2023)
Radiative heat exchange driven by acoustic vibration modes between two solids at the atomic scale
Mauricio Gómez Viloria, Yangyu Guo, Samy Merabia, R. Messina, Philippe Ben-Abdallah
Physical Review B, vol. 108, pL201402 (2023)
Light in correlated disordered media
Kevin Vynck, Romain Pierrat, Rémi Carminati, Luis S Froufe-Pérez, Frank Scheffold, Riccardo Sapienza, Silvia Vignolini, Juan José Sáenz
Reviews of Modern Physics, vol. 95, p045003 (2023)
The receding contact line cools down during dynamic wetting
Hiroki Kusudo, Takeshi Omori, Laurent Joly, Yasutaka Yamaguchi
The Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 159 (2023)
Enhanced Heat Flow between Charged Nanoparticles and an Aqueous Electrolyte
Reza Rabani, Mohammad Hassan Saidi, Ali Rajabpour, Laurent Joly, Samy Merabia
Langmuir, vol. 39, p15222-15230 (2023)
Equilibrium versus non-equilibrium stacking fault widths in NiCoCr
C Baruffi, M. Ghazisaeidi, David Rodney, W.A. Curtin
Scripta Materialia, vol. 235, p115536 (2023)
Conductive heat transfer through nanoconfined argon gas: From continuum to free-molecular regime
Reza Rabani, Samy Merabia, Ahmadreza Pishevar
International Journal of Thermal Sciences, vol. 192, p108391 (2023)
Depressurization-induced drop breakup through bubble growth
Physical Review Fluids, vol. 8 (2023)
Coarse-grained molecular dynamic model for metallic materials
Loïc Chalamet, Yasushi Shibuta, David Rodney
Computational Materials Science, vol. 228, p112306 (2023)
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