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Enhancing Diagnostic Capabilities for Occupational Lung Diseases Using LIBS Imaging on Biopsy Tissue
Victor H.C. Ferreira, Vincent Gardette, Benoît Busser, Lucie Sancey, Steven Ronsmans, Vincent Bonneterre, V. Motto-Ros, Ludovic Duponchel
Analytical Chemistry (2024)
Quantifying Titanium Exposure in Lung Tissues: A Novel Laser‐Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Elemental Imaging‐Based Analytical Framework for Biomedical Applications
Vincent Gardette, Lucie Sancey, Marine Leprince, Laurent Gaté, Frédéric Cosnier, Carole Seidel, Sarah Valentino, Frederic Pelascini, Jean‐luc Coll, Michel Péoc'H, Virginie Scolan, François Paysant, Vincent Bonneterre, Christophe Dujardin, Benoît Busser, Vincent Motto‐ros
Small Science (2024)
Looking for atomic precision in nanochemistry
Rodolphe Antoine, Qiaofeng Yao, Kui Yu
Communications Chemistry, vol. 7 (2024)
Photonic replica symmetry breaking glassy transition and Lévy flight statistics of emission intensity in dye-doped colloidal potassium sodium niobate random laser
P.K. Nideesh, C.S. Chitra Lekha, Rodolphe Antoine, Nandakumar Kalarikkal
Optics and Laser Technology, vol. 169, p110038 (2024)
Singlet oxygen generation efficiency and antimicrobial ability in glutathione protected Ag31 nanoclusters
Hao Yuan, Mary Theresa, Dipankar Bain, Hussein Fakhouri, K Sreekanth, Aswani Ravi, Sabu Thomas, Nandakumar Kalarikkal, Rodolphe Antoine, E.K. Radhakrishnan
Inorganic Chemistry Communications, vol. 159, p111799 (2024)
A chemically functionalized glass support for gold and silver metallic nanoparticle analysis with LIBS
J. Cárdenas-Escudero, V. Gardette, A. Villalonga, A. Sánchez, R. Villalonga, V. Motto-Ros, D. Galán-Madruga, Jorge Cáceres
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, vol. 39, p962-973 (2024)
Ultrafast µLIBS Imaging for the multiscale mineralogical characterization of pegmatite rocks
Cesar Alvarez Llamas, Adrian Tercier, Christophe Ballouard, Cécile Fabre, Sylvain Hermelin, Jérémie Margueritat, Ludovic Duponchel, Christophe Dujardin, V. Motto-Ros
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry (2024)
Unexpected and delayed fragmentation dynamics of the organometallic ferrocene induced by ion-collision
Fernando Aguilar-Galindo, Vy Thi Thao Nguyen, Raj Singh, Alicja Domaracka, Bernd Huber, Sergio Díaz-Tendero, Patrick Rousseau, Sylvain Maclot
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2024)
Metal nanoclusters: from fundamental aspects to electronic properties and optical applications
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, vol. 24 (2023)
High-Resolution High-Speed LIBS Microscopy
A. Tercier, E. Vasileva, Cesar Alvarez Llamas, C. Fabre, S. Hermelin, B. Soula, F. Trichard, Christophe Dujardin, V. Motto-Ros
Spectroscopy, vol. 38, p34-40 (2023)
Solvent-Induced Aggregation of Self-Assembled Copper–Cysteine Nanoparticles Reacted with Glutathione: Enhancing Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties
Dipankar Bain, Isabelle Russier-Antoine, Hao Yuan, Sarita Kolay, Sylvain Maclot, Christophe Moulin, Estelle Salmon, P.F. Brevet, Anna Pniakowska, Joanna Olesiak-Bańska, Rodolphe Antoine
Langmuir, vol. 39, p16554-16561 (2023)
Bovine serum albumin protected Cd8 nanoclusters as efficient two-photon absorbers for near-infrared excited fluorescence imaging of intracellular pH
Yuchi Cheng, Yu Zhao, Hao Yuan, Huangmei Zhou, Jinming Xu, Xihang Chen, Kun Zhang, Rodolphe Antoine, Sanjun Zhang
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, vol. 394, p134427 (2023)
Specific detection of protein carbonylation sites by 473 nm photodissociation mass spectrometry
Romain Ladouce, Luke Macaleese, Karlo Wittine, Mladen Merćep, Marion Girod
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (2023)
A novel platform for high-speed, high-resolution LIBS imaging
Shayne Harrel, Jean-Michel Laurent, Antoine Varagnat, Adrian Tercier, V. Motto-Ros
Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering, p59 (2023)
On the use of laser-induced fluorescence to probe the thermodynamic equilibrium in laser-generated plasmas
Arsène Chemin, Amanda J. Ross, Sylvain Hermelin, Patrick Crozet, Vincent Motto-Ros, Gilles Ledoux, Christophe Dujardin, David Amans
Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy, vol. 205, p106685 (2023)
Recent Progress on Ligand-Protected Metal Nanoclusters in Photocatalysis
Meegle Mathew, Greeshma Krishnan, Amita Aanne Mathews, Kevin Sunil, Leo Mathew, Rodolphe Antoine, Sabu Thomas
Nanomaterials, vol. 13, p1874 (2023)
Plasma excitation temperature obtained with Boltzmann plot method: Significance, precision, trueness and accuracy
Bruno Bousquet, Vincent Gardette, V. Motto-Ros, Rosalba Gaudiuso, Marcella Dell'Aglio, Alessandro de Giacomo
Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy, vol. 204, p106686 (2023)
Photoluminescent gold nanoclusters as two-photon excited ratiometric pH sensor and photoactivated peroxidase
Yuchi Cheng, Huangmei Zhou, Jinming Xu, Yu Zhao, Xihang Chen, Rodolphe Antoine, Meng Ding, Kun Zhang, Sanjun Zhang
Microchimica Acta, vol. 190, p225 (2023)
Ligand impact on reactive oxygen species generation of Au10 and Au25 nanoclusters upon one- and two-photon excitation
Hussein Fakhouri, Martina Perić Bakulić, Issan Zhang, Hao Yuan, Dipankar Bain, Fabien Rondepierre, P.F. Brevet, Željka Sanader Maršić, Rodolphe Antoine, Vlasta Bonačić-Koutecký, Dusica Maysinger
Communications Chemistry, vol. 6, p97 (2023)
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