Publications ( 2794 )

Chirality-dependent mechanical response of empty and water-filled single-wall carbon nanotubes at high pressure
Abraao C. Torres-Dias, Sofie Cambre, Wim Wenseleers, Denis Machon, Alfonso San-Miguel
Carbon, vol. 95, p442-451 (2015)
Inhomogeneous Broadening: Symmetry of Centers and Disorder in Solid Solutions and Nanocrystals
S.P. Feofilov, A.A. Kaplyanskii, A.B. Kulinkin, R.I. Zakharchenya, K. Ovanesyan, A. Petrosyan, Christophe Dujardin
EPJ Web of Conferences, vol. 103, p01003 (2015)
Ambivalent role of fine particles on the stability of a humid granular pile in a rotating drum
Xixi Huang, Sandrine Bec, Jean Colombani
Powder Technology, vol. 279, p254-261 (2015)
A DFT study of the chemical and optical properties of 7-atom Ag–X [X = Li, Na] nanoalloys for potential applications in opto-electronics and catalysis
Shaikat Debnath, Suhana Mohd Said, Franck Rabilloud, Abhijit Chatterjee, Muhammad Faris Roslan, Azizah Mainal, Mohamad Syafie Mahmood
RSC Advances, vol. 5, p98583-98592 (2015)
Structural properties of Y2O3-Al2O3 liquids and glasses: An overview
Martin C. Wilding, Mark Wilson, Paul F. Mcmillan, Chris J. Benmore, J. K. R. Weber, T. Deschamps, Bernard Champagnon
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, vol. 407 (2015)
Dynamical backaction cooling with free electrons
A. Nigues, A. Siria, P. Verlot
Nature Communications, vol. 6, p8104 (2015)
Testing the Vesicular Morphology to Destruction: Birth and Death of Diblock Copolymer Vesicles Prepared via Polymerization-Induced Self-Assembly
Nicholas J. Warren, Oleksandr O. Mykhaylyk, Anthony J. Ryan, Mark Williams, Tristan Doussineau, Philippe Dugourd, Rodolphe Antoine, Giuseppe Portale, Steven P. Armes
Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 137, p1929-1937 (2015)
Optical Properties of Prodigiosin and Obatoclax. Action Spectroscopy and Theoretical Calculations
Evangeline Drink, Elise Dumont, Nils Aronssohn, Philippe Dugourd, Rodolphe Antoine, Claire Loison
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, p!divAbstract (2015)
From crystal to glass-like thermal conductivity in crystalline minerals
Yohan Bouyrie, Christophe Candolfi, Stéphane Pailhès, Michael Marek Koza, Bernard Malaman, Anne Dauscher, Janusz Tobola, Olivier Boisron, Lucien Saviot, Bertrand Lenoir
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 17, p19751-19758 (2015)
Magnetic and photo-physical investigations into DyIII and YbIII complexes involving tetrathiafulvalene ligand
K. Soussi, Julien Jung, Fabrice Pointillart, Boris Le Guennic, B. Lefeuvre, S. Golhen, O. Cador, Yannick Guyot, Olivier Maury, L Ouahab
Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers, vol. 2, p1105-1117 (2015)
Plasmon spectroscopy and chemical structure of small bimetallic Cu(1-x)Agx clusters
Michel Pellarin, Inas Issa, Cyril Langlois, Marie-Ange Lebeault, J. Ramade, Jean Lermé, M. Broyer, Emmanuel Cottancin
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 119, p5002-5012 (2015)
Gas-phase VUV photoionisation and photofragmentation of the silver deuteride nanocluster [Ag10D8L6]2+ (L = bis(diphenylphosphino)methane). A joint experimental and theoretical study
Steven Daly, Marjan Krstić, Alexandre Giuliani, Rodolphe Antoine, L. Nahon, Athanasios Zavras, George N. Khairallah, Vlasta Bonačić- Koutecký, Philippe Dugourd, R a J O'Hair
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 17, p25772 - 25777 (2015)
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